Just gaze through our collections and let their charm seduce you. There is sure to be one that suits you.


Ensueños: Who has never dreamt of a fairy tale wedding? This classic collection with touches of ivory and delicate lace will help that dream come true.


Armonía: Renaissance Italy, Venice and its channels all come to life in this colourful collection of Italian papers and Renaissance inspiration.


Nature: Our tribute to mother nature. Explore the bright colours of Spring and feel the golden Autumn leaves under your feet. Let your guests dive into this world of sensations.


Mumbai: Following Marco Polo´s steps, all the sensuality and exotism of the Far East are at present in this vibrating collection of forceful designs.


Kyoto: A window into Asian art, with its delicacy, elegance and sensuality. A touch of Orient in your lives.


Royal Bouquet: A wedding in the times of the Great Gatsby? The glamour of an era, its exquisite taste, finely portrayed in this hand craft collection.


Extravaganza: Why not go for it? Modern, attractive, the avant-garde in wedding invitations design. You will dazzle everyone with its inspiring colours and designs.


Manhattan: Inspired in a city where all styles merge, this collection is the proof that modern and classic can go in hand in hand, it is only a matter of ‘savoir affaire’ and good taste.


Pacífico: Gaughin was right ! Colours and exotism exquisitely combined to arouse your senses.


Metropolitan: An original and elegant option. All is taken care for upto the smallest detail, with a wide selection of colours and designs to choose from.


The City Collection: Aimed at today´s modern couple it offers a fresh and contemporary vision which will make the delights of your guests.