Baby shower, sweet 15, wedding anniversaries, parties ...

  • Baby Shower
    These are a fun way of celebrating there will soon be a new family member to bring joy to everyone. They mean happiness, laughter and gifts. These intimate reunions are worth remembering. Send cards to your family and friends inviting them to join in the event.
  • Sweet 15
    You daughter´s dream has come true, she is now 15. Celebrate this great day in a special way. Invite friends and family. In azulsahara we have invitations to suit all styles, just choose the design you want and the wording you wish to include.
  • Wedding Anniversaries
    A long lasting love, you are enjoying life together and that is fantastic. Let everyone join in the event. Our invitations will help you capture the beauty of this special day. Simply choose your style and the wording you wish to include.
  • Parties
    Who says that all parties are the same? Get your friends all excited about the party you are going to celebrate by sending them one of our unique and stylish invitations.