Wedding planners

Azulsahara is a designers´studio where we specialize in wedding stationery and favours. Our designs stand out for their originality and their high quality. We have both from classic to modern designs, that are inspired in different forms of art, and that follow today´s trend when conceiving a wedding : it has to be personal and full of details that reflect the couple´s personality.

That´s why we think of our work in conjunction with a wedding planner, as it is them that the couple rely on. Wedding planners tell us about their ideas for that particular wedding and we think of designs that will match what they are wanting. We both as wedding professionals are looking for the same result: a magic and special day, full of kind memories.

We offer both our clients and wedding planners a careful design where only the best materials are used. In this way we can offer elegant and distinguished wedding stationery, handcrafted at our workshop. All the smallest details are taken into account, and accessories are carefully chosen according to the design, colours and wedding theme. We work alongside both, the couple and wedding planner, to achieve a harmonious approach to that special day the couple have always dreamt off.

Both, us and the wedding planner, are fully aware that as there are no two people alike, there shouldn´t be two weddings alike. Each wedding must reflect the couple´s tastes and personality. We must work as professionals in a caring and loving way to make sure we create for the couple and their guests, an unforgettable moment in time.