At azulsahara we love to work together with our customers to make your wedding day dream, come true. You can contact us to ask for suggestions and discuss your ideas so that we can help you design the perfect wedding stationery. Our products are all handmade, at our workshop, from the wedding invitations to all other matching items and favors. The finishing product is therefore of the highest quality. As you can gather from our collections on our web page, we take care up to the slightest detail. We carefully work on unique designs, visually effective and cover a wide range of styles. A lot of importance is placed in the selection of the materials we use. Our displays have a distinctive flair as we carefully choose and combine not only colours and designs but any accessories we might incorporate to the finishing touch.


Most of our wedding invitations can be bought and customize online, but they can be adapted to suit your style and requirements. Size and format can be modified and complements added according to your needs ( email us, call us +34 91 855 93 60 or skype: azulsahara )

Invitation Wording:

At azulsahara we are proud that no two wedding invitations are ever the same. Each couple has their own style and this should be reflected on their wedding invitation. We do not impose fonts or wording, and we always offer several different layouts for you to choose from before printing. We work closely with you through emails to design the perfect wedding invitation you have always dreammed off. The wording will be printed only when you tell us it is JUST PERFECT and exactly what you are loking for !!

You send us your wording and we email you the layouts: