Wedding Invitations: Black & White. Sirocco

Wedding Invitations: Black & White. Sirocco

For lovers of a distinctive touch, the duet black / white is always a sure bet, add laces,jewels and an elegant and attractive design and voila! You will have the perfect wedding invitation, always fashionable and classic.

Wedding Invitations: Black & White.

Wedding Invitations: Black & White. Wedding invitations Medina, Ebany Pocket and Night Soho

Azulsaharas´suggestions are aimed to help you in your search. Here we offer you a list of the collections with invitations in black and white:

  • Magnolia, Camelia and Dalia are found in the Ensueños collection. They come in whites or black and white combined. Subtleness and fine laces make the rest.
  • If you are looking for attractively designed papers, unusual formats and elegant accessories Extravaganza is your collection. The invitations Medina, Medina Deluxe, Cachemira Black, Sirocco and Sirocco Deluxe are an example of this.
  • The Kyoto collection offers a stricking black and white combination in its wedding invitation Night Soho.
  • Continuing with the range black/white Manhattan collection offers a great variety of patterns and modern designs in its invitations Ebany pocket, Diva, Diva Deluxe, Petit Ebany and Petit Corinto.
  • Mumbai´s collection with its non-symmetrical compositions that highlight the black and white contrasts as can be found in the invitations Sari and Flor de Sari.
  • Black and white, simplicity and a classic touch all come to life in the invitation Cassandra from the Royal Bouquet collection.
  • Last but not least the City Collection with its trendy and modern designs offers a black and white version in its invitation Hamburgo.
Wedding Invitations: Black & Ivory.

Wedding Invitations: Black & Ivory. Wedding invitations Cachemira Black, Flor de Sari and Sari.

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