Wedding Invitation wording

Wedding Invitation wording. Ivory - Manhattan Collection

We have chosen the wedding invitation and now we need a text.  As we are concious that some people find choosing a text a difficult task here are some useful hints:

  1. What is your wedding going to be like? Formal or informal? Who is writing the text, the couple or their parents? All these are simple questions that will help you to endow your text of a more formal or informal appearance.
  2. Bear in mind that your guests will be the ones to tell others about your wedding. Your invitation and text are one of the most special remembrances of that unique day.
  3. In internet you can find ideas but we recommend not to use texts that are the fashion or that someone has recommended. It is important you feel identified and comfortable with what you write.
  4. Be careful about grammar and spelling mistakes.Use a proofreader to achieve an outstanding text.

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