Wedding Table Plans

Exotic Wedding table plan.

Wedding table plan white and red.

Wedding Table plan - Crisálida Red.

Once we have decided on the number of guests and how we are going to arrange the tables we have to find the best way of sharing this information in a visual and attractive way. Guests need to know at first glance where they are seated to avoid unnecessary hastle. It might seem obvious but it is really important as there is nothing as chaotic as having guests roaming around the room while the poor waiters try not to bump into them with a tray full of prawn cocktails.
Having things well organized is crucial so that everything runs smoothly and we can thoroughly enjoy our day without unexpected incidents.

Wedding Table plan. White and golden.

Wedding Table plan. White and golden.

Wedding table plans are an inherent part of the wedding decorations. They come in all different formats and styles, there are no fixed rules as long as they can be easily read and the information provided in them is clear. Wedding table plans should not be a mere list of names, they are a form of invitation and therefore it should be elegant as it ressembles the care the bride and groom have taken to make their guests feel comfortable. They are also a memento of the event as no matter if they are designed on card or just a photo, we can always ask our guests to sign them.
Azulsahara offers you the possibility of designing a wedding table plan that fits your needs and style.