Our new section of Wedding Decoration with original ideas and details will help you make your Big Day unique and special.
In today’s post we give you a few tips so you can easily decorate your wedding day making it different and original. Combine attractive and elegant colors like gold and orange with country style menus and guest place cards or be more adventurous and make it chic using exotic designs for the wedding stationery. Don’t be afraid to combine and mix styles and colors.
If you are lucky to have old china at home, your wedding is the perfect day to show them, old china is very decorative and always looks great with flowers or cookies.
Some of the wedding deco shown in the photos can be found in our new section of wedding decoration and complements.

Exotic Wedding decoration in golden tones.

Wedding invitations for an exotic wedding

Exotic Wedding decoration in golden tones.

Wedding menu and deco for an exotic wedding

Wedding decoration in orange tones.

Wedding decoration in orange tones.

Classic Wedding invitation for an exotic wedding

Wedding decoration in orange tones.

Today we are pleased to share with you all, the wedding stationery we designed for the contest Design Challenge 2012 organised by Utterly Engaged. We teamed up with Keneshia Raymond from Kays Inspired Events, and with Stylish Event Design. The theme we chose was the cultural fussion of two lovely countries : Brasil and Somalia (Bramolia).

As we love exotic touches, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had great fun in designing the stationery. It was also a real honour to take part in the contest alongside other great wedding professionals.

2012 Design Challenge Utterly Engaged - Brazil & Somalia wedding inspiration

2012 Design Challenge Utterly Engaged - Brazil & Somalia wedding inspiration

2012 Design Challenge Utterly Engaged - Brazil & Somalia wedding inspiration

Wedding inspiration & table number cards

Today in Azulsahara we want to show you some of our table numbers´designs. Table numbers are not only essential for the good organization and flow of the wedding but they are also an important part of the decoration. We have combined them today with different flower arrangements so you can see for yourselves how pretty they can look if you pay attention to the wedding colours and theme. Table numbers enhance the beauty of the decoration and they are a reflection of the bride and groom´s personality as they can be about anything they like, from numbers, to pictures or even names of places, things etc they like. They look great if they have the same design as the menus, place cards … but they also look very attractive if they have a different motif in the same style of design and shades of colour.

Wedding inspiration & table number cards

Mimando todos los detalles : meseros de boda

Table number cards by azulsahara

Photos: OnceWed, azulsahara

Table cards can not only look striking and very decorative but they are also a must if you want your wedding to be well organized. Once you have allocated a table for your family and guests, they have to know which table to go to. Table cards can have numbers, names of places (or others), pictures, photos on them… You can place them in frames on the table, attach them to the centre table arrangements… Table cards can match the stationery of the wedding, or the colours or theme of your wedding.

Here we are going to show you some original table cards. They have numbers on them but you can customize them as you like with names, pictures, photos…

Table cards for a romantic wedding in orange tones

Table numbers for an elegant and romantic wedding

Table numbers for a modern and romantic wedding in blue tones

Table numbers, table cards

Table number for a vintage classic wedding

Table numbers for an eco rustic wedding

Marcasitios para boda con motivos florales en forma de marco

Invitaciones de boda en preciosos colores tierra y con motivos florales elegantes y distinguidos

Invitaciones de boda modernas y actuales en preciosos colores tierra

Tarjeta de confirmación de asistencia a boda moderna y elegante

Mapa para invitaciones de boda con elegantes motivos florales

Texto de invitaciones de boda, motivos florales en tonos tierra y verde

Meseros y marcasitios para una boda moderna y elegante

Menús para boda (minutas) con motivos florales en tonos tierra

We are introducing today, the wedding invitation Salzburgo. The design of this wedding stationery is both innovative and attractive. In lovely natural colours, with distinguished, elegant and unconventional floral motifs, and simple and evocative accessories, it is the ideal choice for design lovers.

It calls our attention the elegant wedding stationery of Salzburgo. With a wide variety of accessories all in the same shades and designs as the wedding invitation.
Have a close look at the places cards. Aren´t they really cute?