Are you in the mood for calmness and peace ? Then just relax in front of this colour palette and imagine all the beauty and loving feelings of your wedding day. This colour combination is perfect for a romantic wedding plus it is very elegant, and can be nicely combined with browns and aquamarines.

Inspirational Wedding Colours: salmon and pastels

Photos (via Style Me Pretty):
Lane Dittoe Photography and Brooke Keegan Weddings and Events, Kristin Vining Photography, Orchard Cove Photography
Three Nails Photography, azulsahara, Accesories: One World Designs and Jennifer Skog Photography
LG Weddings Annie Lane Events and Decor, Becky Young Photography

One of the moments of the banquet we all as guest are looking forward to is when we try out the delicious food they´ve prepared for us. That is why menus are not only an important part of the wedding décor but if they are nicely layout they can cause a sense of excitement amongst our guests. What will this delicious dessert be like?

This is one of the reasons why we have to take great care when choosing the design of the menu. The papers, colours, design, size, typography … all have to be taken into account.

Wedding menus with bright colourful flowers

Original and elegant wedding menus combined with table numbers

Wedding menus for a classic and elegant wedding in ivory

Modern and sophisticated wedding menu in brown and white

Spring colourful wedding menus

There is several choices. We can go for a design that matches our wedding invitation with small details such as laces, flowers, tassel … or we can choose a menu completely different that matches our wedding colours or theme (vintage, chic, rural..). Another idea we like is to have a wide variety of designs at each table so that it gives it a more personal touch.

Most menus are designed in such a way that guests can take them away as a fond memory of the day. There is also other possibilities like the menu we show here. It is very original as it combines the table number with the menu for all the guesta at the table to see.

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

We have chosen some photos of the menus we like best. As you can gather they are all lovely and very delicate. You will probably find it difficult to choose only one !

Wedding Colour: white and yellow

Handbag: Belathee Photography via Ruffled
Studio B Event Designs via Style Me Pretty
Carmen Salazar Photography via Style Me Pretty
Wedding Cake: Sweet Monday Photography via Style Me Pretty
Wedding Shoes: Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty
Wedding Decor: Martha Stewart
Wedding Invitation and wedding Favors: azulsahara

Unique wedding invitation with an original design and decorated on its outside with golden swarovski stones

Wedding Invitation Yakarta Deluxe - Mumbai Collection.

Exotic wedding favour - white and golden.

Exotic Wedding favour - Tea bag Yakarta.

You are sure to have thought somewhere along the line, why not turn our wedding into something original and exotic ? Wedding invitations, favors… together with the reception décor will certainly help you achieve the desired effect.

We suggest that when looking out for a wedding invitation and it´s accessories you dare to choose vibrant colours ( reds, blues, greens combined with gold) and attractive, rich designs such as the ones you can find in the Kyoto and Mumbai Collections.

Unique wedding invitation embellished by red cherry blossoms and an elegant clear water lace tissue covering the inside text.

Wedding invitation Aysha and Crisalida Red.

Wedding favor. Wooden chopsticks fitted in an original handmade case decorated with asian floral patterns.

A delightful wedding invitation with beautiful colour scheme of this traditional japanese garden scenery

Wedding Invitation Seda - Kyoto Collection.

Modern wedding invitation covered with large flowers in pinks and browns.

Wedding Invitation Sakura. Kyoto Collection.

Wedding Favors: Modern takeaway boxes covered with large flowers in pinks and browns.

Takeaway Boxes - Sakura

Make your guests feel the exhilarating experience of being in a far away country with all their senses wide awake through the striking designs and colours of the Crisalida, Aysha and Sakura invitations (Kyoto Collection) or the delicate colours and designs of Seda (Kyoto Collection),  Flor de Mumbai Deluxe and Yakarta Deluxe invitations (Mumbai Collection).

Elegant wedding invitation with beautiful silver flowers on a dazzling pink background.

Wedding Invitation Flor de Mumbai Deluxe - Mumbai Collection

Wedding thank you card with beautiful silver flowers on a dazzling pink background.

Wedding Thank you card Flor de Mumbai.

As well there are nice, exotic favors you can choose from. Original chopsticks, takeaway boxes or tea bags.

Go for it ! Your guests and family are sure to enjoy such an exciting, happy event. Your wedding day !