Unique wedding invitation with an original design and decorated on its outside with golden swarovski stones

Wedding Invitation Yakarta Deluxe - Mumbai Collection.

Exotic wedding favour - white and golden.

Exotic Wedding favour - Tea bag Yakarta.

You are sure to have thought somewhere along the line, why not turn our wedding into something original and exotic ? Wedding invitations, favors… together with the reception décor will certainly help you achieve the desired effect.

We suggest that when looking out for a wedding invitation and it´s accessories you dare to choose vibrant colours ( reds, blues, greens combined with gold) and attractive, rich designs such as the ones you can find in the Kyoto and Mumbai Collections.

Unique wedding invitation embellished by red cherry blossoms and an elegant clear water lace tissue covering the inside text.

Wedding invitation Aysha and Crisalida Red.

Wedding favor. Wooden chopsticks fitted in an original handmade case decorated with asian floral patterns.

A delightful wedding invitation with beautiful colour scheme of this traditional japanese garden scenery

Wedding Invitation Seda - Kyoto Collection.

Modern wedding invitation covered with large flowers in pinks and browns.

Wedding Invitation Sakura. Kyoto Collection.

Wedding Favors: Modern takeaway boxes covered with large flowers in pinks and browns.

Takeaway Boxes - Sakura

Make your guests feel the exhilarating experience of being in a far away country with all their senses wide awake through the striking designs and colours of the Crisalida, Aysha and Sakura invitations (Kyoto Collection) or the delicate colours and designs of Seda (Kyoto Collection),  Flor de Mumbai Deluxe and Yakarta Deluxe invitations (Mumbai Collection).

Elegant wedding invitation with beautiful silver flowers on a dazzling pink background.

Wedding Invitation Flor de Mumbai Deluxe - Mumbai Collection

Wedding thank you card with beautiful silver flowers on a dazzling pink background.

Wedding Thank you card Flor de Mumbai.

As well there are nice, exotic favors you can choose from. Original chopsticks, takeaway boxes or tea bags.

Go for it ! Your guests and family are sure to enjoy such an exciting, happy event. Your wedding day !

Saquitos de arroz para tirar a los novios.

A wedding means happiness and one way of showing that happiness and wishing the couple all the best in their future married life, is to throw rice or flower petals to the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony.
Saquitos de arroz para los recién casados.

Conos con arroz para los novios

Conos con flores secas para arrojar a los novios.

It is important to bear in mind where are we going to carry the flower petals or the rice, so that all the slightest details fit in with the style of wedding we have chosen and so that the guests feel comfortable as they are carrying them around.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • nicely decorated handmade baskets
  • lovely cones in attractive designs.
  • little sachets decorated with the names of the couple and wedding date attached.

original boxes as wedding favors

original boxes as wedding favors

As we promised you in Find the perfect wedding favour, here are some hints so that your wedding favors are original and you can add your personal touch to them.

Azulsahara designs original boxes as wedding favours. Here are some favors you could put in the boxes:

  • Chocolates is an exquisite option, everyone likes a nice chocolate. You can find a lovely selection in Moulin Chocolat (Madrid) and Oriol Balaguer (Madrid – Barcelona)
  • Sweets: you can find design sweets and lollipops in Papabuble (Barcelona). In Santiago de Compostela, Elliot Green, has homemade sweets and cookies. Caramelizate is an option for those in Madrid as it has a wide selection of sweets
  • Tea : in a tea shop you can buy a strong flavoured tea for the male guests and something more fruity and exotic for your female guests.
  • Spices are something different and exotic you could put in the box. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Jamaican pepper … can be found both in two stores in Madrid, Nassima Store and Casa Serrano.
  • Seeds : are a fantastic idea. In Kokopelli´s webpage you can find a wide selection of organic seeds thus helping them with their project of sustaining the biodiversity of our planet.
  • Bottles: choose elegant, original, small bottles with homemade liqueurs or olive oil.
original boxes as wedding favors

original boxes as wedding favors

Azulsaharas´boxes all come with the name of the bride and groom, and date of the wedding.

Wedding Invitation Loto - Ensueños Collection.

Wedding Invitation Loto - Ensueños Collection.

Our wedding invitation Loto, classic, elegant and above all very romantic for your wedding day. Pale shades of pearl grey and silver, combined with a delicate design of small interweaved flowers.
The accessories are very important. Have a look at the pearls on the invitation that match the shades of colours perfectly and the miniature paper flowers in fabric of the place cards and favors.

Wedding Invitation Complements

We want our guests to feel pampered and loved, that is the reason why the place cards wrap the napkins and all the favors come with the name of the couple and the wedding´s date.
The final touch is to add a poem to the invitation to stress the importance and feelings of the day.

Favors that are useful are always a good choice: Tea Bags - Tiffany. azulsahara.

Favors that are useful are always a good choice: Tea Bags - Tiffany. azulsahara.

Finding an original wedding favour that your guests will like is not always easy. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind when trying to find the perfect favour for your guests.

  • When choosing a favour, think of something you yourself would like, don´t just buy for buying.
  • Favors that are useful are always a good choice
  • Our guests are of different age groups and have different likes and dislikes. It is important to choose something everyone might like. We can have a variety of favors to suit our different guests.
  • You could give couples in the wedding a favor between them, in this way you are cutting down costs and can invest on something of a slighter higher quality.
  • Don´t forget the youngsters. Some homemade biscuits decorated with funny faces or boxes full of sweeties are sure to delight them.
  • If you are tight on the budget or you can´t find something you really like, you can always do them yourselves. They are sure to turn out brilliant and your guests will love them !

We are going to publish a post with original ideas so you can prepare the favors yourselves, so keep an eye on the blog.