The perfect wedding favor - Remembrance Cds

Wedding Remembrance Cd Brown Lily

a classic wedding favour

Wedding Remembrance CD Tiffany

a classic wedding favour - remembrance CD

Remembrance CD - Loto

Unique wedding favour for an exotic wedding

Wedding Remembrance Cd - Sikandra Doré

Exotic wedding favours

Wedding Remembrance CDs

Can you think of something more personal and evocative than the images or the music you like, those that have a special meaning to you and your loved ones? A remembrance Cd is all of this. It is the perfect gift to all those that helped you lovingly, to organize your wedding day. It is also a very original wedding favor with which to surprise your wedding guests, as they will know for sure you have been specially thinking about them. A Cd has your own personal and distinctive touch, it is a part of you that you lovingly share with your friends and family.
Cds are very elegant favors, they can be done to match the wedding invitation and other accessories, or else to fit in with a specific theme or colour combination, in any case they are a gift that comes straight from your hearts.

One of the moments of the banquet we all as guest are looking forward to is when we try out the delicious food they´ve prepared for us. That is why menus are not only an important part of the wedding décor but if they are nicely layout they can cause a sense of excitement amongst our guests. What will this delicious dessert be like?

This is one of the reasons why we have to take great care when choosing the design of the menu. The papers, colours, design, size, typography … all have to be taken into account.

Wedding menus with bright colourful flowers

Original and elegant wedding menus combined with table numbers

Wedding menus for a classic and elegant wedding in ivory

Modern and sophisticated wedding menu in brown and white

Spring colourful wedding menus

There is several choices. We can go for a design that matches our wedding invitation with small details such as laces, flowers, tassel … or we can choose a menu completely different that matches our wedding colours or theme (vintage, chic, rural..). Another idea we like is to have a wide variety of designs at each table so that it gives it a more personal touch.

Most menus are designed in such a way that guests can take them away as a fond memory of the day. There is also other possibilities like the menu we show here. It is very original as it combines the table number with the menu for all the guesta at the table to see.

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

We have chosen some photos of the menus we like best. As you can gather they are all lovely and very delicate. You will probably find it difficult to choose only one !

It is great to feel the bride and groom have thought about you personally and that they have specifically thought of a place where you will feel comfortable at the table. Place cards also avoid unnecessary last minute hustle and misunderstandings.

Place cards are something very personal and they can be quite attractive, and enhance the wedding décor. There is a wide variety of possible designs and colours that will match the wedding theme and the couple´s personalities.

Place cards and wedding favours. Chopsticks by azulsahara.

Place cards and wedding favours all in one.

Autumn colour place cards in a wooden frame.

Place cards and wedding favours all in one. Original book markers

Place card for a wedding in ivory and red

To add to this there is also the possibility that the place card is in itself a wedding favor that guests can take away with them. The place card could be a little box of sweets with the guest´s name on it placed at the table, or a triangular design with a pair of chopsticks inside, or even a nice tag tied to a cinnamon stick. A nice one to bear in mind is a place card that can be used to mark the page in a book.

Modern Place cards for a wedding in ivory and red

Classic and sweet vintage place cards

Classic and sweet vintage favour boxes used as place cards

White napkins with silver place cards wrap around.

Place cards can simply be used to show guests where they should sit. They might be a wooden frame with the guest´s name, triangular designs in card in the same design and paper as the wedding invitation, place cards to go round napkins or original vintage decorated tags to hang from the glasses.

Sweet and Blue

Modern wedding invitation combining a stripes design with vibrant colours

In azulsahara we thought of a Winter wedding with a distinctive flair and modern touch by combining a stripes design with vibrant colours that would cheer the dull Winter days. We decided these range of colours would also fit in perfectly with any other season of the year. To create a fresh and cheerful approach we combined different types of fonts, a more informal style for place cards and favors, and a more modern style for menus etc.
We took advantage of the use of natural materials such as wood, jute and recycled envelopes to emphasise the colours and the setting.

Modern wedding menu combining a stripes design with vibrant colours

Wedding List Guest

Wedding place cards combining a stripes design with vibrant colours

Wedding favours combining a stripes design with vibrant colours

The Guest Book

Elegant wedding guest book in golden and ivory.

Guest Book Naomi.

Elegant wedding guest book in white and golden.

Guest Book Cocó.

Unique wedding guest book with pastel colour flowers.

Guest Book Verona.

Unique wedding guest book with blue flowers.

Guest Book Traviatta.

The magic of your wedding day will always be in your hearts. Photos will bring back fond memories as well as the guest book, where everyone you love, family and friends, will have written something special about you or the day. It is always a pleasure to have a guest book and be able to read over and over again peoples´ loving comments. You can choose one matching the wedding invitations and other wedding details, or go for another design that you really like and would like to keep.