Organising a wedding can be strenuous if you don´t make life easier for both you and your guests. That is why we think RSVP cards and Save the date cards are great.

RSVP cards help you to know how many and who is going to come to the wedding, so that you can organize the menu, the tables etc. In this way you can have track of who is coming to your wedding without having to rely on your memory to remember who has phoned to confirm s/he is coming.

Wedding response cards (RSVP) in beige tones

Save the date cards are sent quite a while before the wedding invitations to tell your guests that you are getting married on such a date and place, so that they can start organizing themselves. Maybe they might need to ask for the day off at work or they might need to book flights etc.

Wedding Save The Date in pastel colours

Two ideas that we believe are really practical, don´t you think so?

It is not always easy to find a wedding invitation we like and that has all its matching details, such as thank you cards, save the date cards or original wedding favors like personalized Cds.
The Metropolitan collection offers you all this. A delicate design and colour combination, modern without loosing its classic and distinguishing touch. The wedding remembrance Cds, thank you cards and save the date cards match each of the wedding invitations in this collection.

Wedding Remembrance CD San Francisco Rose

Wedding Remembrance CD San Francisco Rose

Wedding thank you card San Francisco Rose

Wedding thank you card San Francisco Rose

Elegant and classic Wedding thank you card

Elegant and classic Wedding thank you card - Copenhaguen Silver

Attractive wedding details

Wedding Remembrance CD Copenhaguen Silver - Save The Date Copenhaguen Silver

With these attractive wedding details you will make your family and guests feel you love and care for them. The Cds will bring back fond memories of the wedding, the thank you cards will make your guests feel appreciated and with the save the date cards you will make life easier for them.

A world of possibilities that will give your wedding a very special taste and flair !