The perfect wedding favor - Remembrance Cds

Wedding Remembrance Cd Brown Lily

a classic wedding favour

Wedding Remembrance CD Tiffany

a classic wedding favour - remembrance CD

Remembrance CD - Loto

Unique wedding favour for an exotic wedding

Wedding Remembrance Cd - Sikandra Doré

Exotic wedding favours

Wedding Remembrance CDs

Can you think of something more personal and evocative than the images or the music you like, those that have a special meaning to you and your loved ones? A remembrance Cd is all of this. It is the perfect gift to all those that helped you lovingly, to organize your wedding day. It is also a very original wedding favor with which to surprise your wedding guests, as they will know for sure you have been specially thinking about them. A Cd has your own personal and distinctive touch, it is a part of you that you lovingly share with your friends and family.
Cds are very elegant favors, they can be done to match the wedding invitation and other accessories, or else to fit in with a specific theme or colour combination, in any case they are a gift that comes straight from your hearts.

It is not always easy to find a wedding invitation we like and that has all its matching details, such as thank you cards, save the date cards or original wedding favors like personalized Cds.
The Metropolitan collection offers you all this. A delicate design and colour combination, modern without loosing its classic and distinguishing touch. The wedding remembrance Cds, thank you cards and save the date cards match each of the wedding invitations in this collection.

Wedding Remembrance CD San Francisco Rose

Wedding Remembrance CD San Francisco Rose

Wedding thank you card San Francisco Rose

Wedding thank you card San Francisco Rose

Elegant and classic Wedding thank you card

Elegant and classic Wedding thank you card - Copenhaguen Silver

Attractive wedding details

Wedding Remembrance CD Copenhaguen Silver - Save The Date Copenhaguen Silver

With these attractive wedding details you will make your family and guests feel you love and care for them. The Cds will bring back fond memories of the wedding, the thank you cards will make your guests feel appreciated and with the save the date cards you will make life easier for them.

A world of possibilities that will give your wedding a very special taste and flair !