Una invitación de boda a medida moderna y cospopolita en tamaño de bolsillo

proyecto invitación para una boda cosmopolita

una invitación de boda de atractivos y llamativos colores a dos bandas del tamaño de la palma de la mano.

Invitación de boda realizada a medida de atractivos y llamativos colores y del tamaño de la palma de la mano.

Texto de invitación de boda y tarjeta de confirmación de asistencia formato bolsillo

This wedding invitation design was due to a very original and unusual requirement by some clients of azulsahara. The bride and groom wanted a modern design, fit for a chic and cosmopolitan wedding. But they also wanted it to be pocket size, so that guests could carry it on them at all times. So we set out to the task of designing this wedding invitation. We chose an attractive combination of bright colours and designed a small invitation, in a very simple and users friendly format, with all the information inside it clearly displayed. This wedding invitation is not only handy but can also serve as a memoir of the wedding as you can carry it around all the time.