Wedding inspiration & table number cards

Today in Azulsahara we want to show you some of our table numbers´designs. Table numbers are not only essential for the good organization and flow of the wedding but they are also an important part of the decoration. We have combined them today with different flower arrangements so you can see for yourselves how pretty they can look if you pay attention to the wedding colours and theme. Table numbers enhance the beauty of the decoration and they are a reflection of the bride and groom´s personality as they can be about anything they like, from numbers, to pictures or even names of places, things etc they like. They look great if they have the same design as the menus, place cards … but they also look very attractive if they have a different motif in the same style of design and shades of colour.

Wedding inspiration & table number cards

Mimando todos los detalles : meseros de boda

Table number cards by azulsahara

Photos: OnceWed, azulsahara

Natural soaps: an original and practical wedding favour

Who doesn´t like to feel pampered and looked after by the people you care for? Natural soaps are not only a lovely wedding favour but something useful, practical and original. You can choose between handmade soaps, herbal soaps, chocolate soaps … Can you just imagine yourself in a foam bath smelling of sweet chocolate? Ecstatic ! and that is how your wedding guests will feel. These soaps are made from natural ingredients of the highest quality. There is a wide variety of scents to choose from, as well as elegant colours. The fine packaging just gives them that distinguished touch, you were looking for.

Adding a touch of color to our wedding day with original and colorful wedding favors.

It is easy to surprise our guest on our wedding day with this amazing wedding favors. Favor boxes with colorful japanese designs are great for sweets, chocolates..  or lovely baskets matching our wedding decor with gorgeous bath salts or flowers.
Delight your guest with original chopsticks or handmade natural soaps.
Have fun choosing your unique wedding favor at azulsahara !!

Organising a wedding can be strenuous if you don´t make life easier for both you and your guests. That is why we think RSVP cards and Save the date cards are great.

RSVP cards help you to know how many and who is going to come to the wedding, so that you can organize the menu, the tables etc. In this way you can have track of who is coming to your wedding without having to rely on your memory to remember who has phoned to confirm s/he is coming.

Wedding response cards (RSVP) in beige tones

Save the date cards are sent quite a while before the wedding invitations to tell your guests that you are getting married on such a date and place, so that they can start organizing themselves. Maybe they might need to ask for the day off at work or they might need to book flights etc.

Wedding Save The Date in pastel colours

Two ideas that we believe are really practical, don´t you think so?

The perfect wedding favor - Remembrance Cds

Wedding Remembrance Cd Brown Lily

a classic wedding favour

Wedding Remembrance CD Tiffany

a classic wedding favour - remembrance CD

Remembrance CD - Loto

Unique wedding favour for an exotic wedding

Wedding Remembrance Cd - Sikandra Doré

Exotic wedding favours

Wedding Remembrance CDs

Can you think of something more personal and evocative than the images or the music you like, those that have a special meaning to you and your loved ones? A remembrance Cd is all of this. It is the perfect gift to all those that helped you lovingly, to organize your wedding day. It is also a very original wedding favor with which to surprise your wedding guests, as they will know for sure you have been specially thinking about them. A Cd has your own personal and distinctive touch, it is a part of you that you lovingly share with your friends and family.
Cds are very elegant favors, they can be done to match the wedding invitation and other accessories, or else to fit in with a specific theme or colour combination, in any case they are a gift that comes straight from your hearts.