Chic wedding favours

chic and elegant wedding favors in black and white

Chic wedding favors

Chic wedding favors in black and white

Elegant white and black wedding favors

New York´s invitation matching wedding favours have both the elegance and subtleness of a black and white colour combination, and all the flair of a modern and unique design. These geometrical boxes will give your wedding a very distinctive and personal out look. The fine accessories give these favours a glamorous finishing touch. They are ideal for lovers of chic designs and can be used to put in soaps ,chocolates, wines….with which to thank all your guests at the wedding.

original boxes as wedding favors

original boxes as wedding favors

As we promised you in Find the perfect wedding favour, here are some hints so that your wedding favors are original and you can add your personal touch to them.

Azulsahara designs original boxes as wedding favours. Here are some favors you could put in the boxes:

  • Chocolates is an exquisite option, everyone likes a nice chocolate. You can find a lovely selection in Moulin Chocolat (Madrid) and Oriol Balaguer (Madrid – Barcelona)
  • Sweets: you can find design sweets and lollipops in Papabuble (Barcelona). In Santiago de Compostela, Elliot Green, has homemade sweets and cookies. Caramelizate is an option for those in Madrid as it has a wide selection of sweets
  • Tea : in a tea shop you can buy a strong flavoured tea for the male guests and something more fruity and exotic for your female guests.
  • Spices are something different and exotic you could put in the box. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Jamaican pepper … can be found both in two stores in Madrid, Nassima Store and Casa Serrano.
  • Seeds : are a fantastic idea. In Kokopelli´s webpage you can find a wide selection of organic seeds thus helping them with their project of sustaining the biodiversity of our planet.
  • Bottles: choose elegant, original, small bottles with homemade liqueurs or olive oil.
original boxes as wedding favors

original boxes as wedding favors

Azulsaharas´boxes all come with the name of the bride and groom, and date of the wedding.