It seemed only yesterday when we were all busy, here in the studio, preparing the wedding details for Eva and Angel´s wedding. This lovely couple got married last July at the marvelous Hotel Villaguadalupe, in Malaga.  The wedding´s photos were published only a few days ago by and it was really great to see how lovely everything looked, so we thought it would be nice to share with all of you the photos we took whilst preparing the details for Eva and Angel´s wedding.

Sweet and colorful wedding table numbers

Sweet table numbers

Sweet wedding gifts for the guest

Lolipop baskets for the guests

Sweet wedding gifts for the guest

A sweet welcome for the guests

Personalized wedding guest book

Matching guest book

the bride

The Bride

Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

Rice cones for the guests

Cones full of rice for the guests

Rice cones for the guests

Lovely cones for the guests to remember the day

Jabones artesanos con envoltorio blanco y azul para boda marinera

Detalle de boda en blanco y azul para una boda marinera

Detalles de boda blanco y azul para una boda junto al mar

¿Looking inspiration for a beach wedding?
We have designed these wedding favors for a beautiful beach wedding. This gorgeous herbal soaps are wraped in navy and white, all combined with a cute little hand bag perfect for the day!

Una invitación de boda a medida moderna y cospopolita en tamaño de bolsillo

proyecto invitación para una boda cosmopolita

una invitación de boda de atractivos y llamativos colores a dos bandas del tamaño de la palma de la mano.

Invitación de boda realizada a medida de atractivos y llamativos colores y del tamaño de la palma de la mano.

Texto de invitación de boda y tarjeta de confirmación de asistencia formato bolsillo

This wedding invitation design was due to a very original and unusual requirement by some clients of azulsahara. The bride and groom wanted a modern design, fit for a chic and cosmopolitan wedding. But they also wanted it to be pocket size, so that guests could carry it on them at all times. So we set out to the task of designing this wedding invitation. We chose an attractive combination of bright colours and designed a small invitation, in a very simple and users friendly format, with all the information inside it clearly displayed. This wedding invitation is not only handy but can also serve as a memoir of the wedding as you can carry it around all the time.

Marcasitios para boda con motivos florales en forma de marco

Invitaciones de boda en preciosos colores tierra y con motivos florales elegantes y distinguidos

Invitaciones de boda modernas y actuales en preciosos colores tierra

Tarjeta de confirmación de asistencia a boda moderna y elegante

Mapa para invitaciones de boda con elegantes motivos florales

Texto de invitaciones de boda, motivos florales en tonos tierra y verde

Meseros y marcasitios para una boda moderna y elegante

Menús para boda (minutas) con motivos florales en tonos tierra

We are introducing today, the wedding invitation Salzburgo. The design of this wedding stationery is both innovative and attractive. In lovely natural colours, with distinguished, elegant and unconventional floral motifs, and simple and evocative accessories, it is the ideal choice for design lovers.

It calls our attention the elegant wedding stationery of Salzburgo. With a wide variety of accessories all in the same shades and designs as the wedding invitation.
Have a close look at the places cards. Aren´t they really cute?

One of the moments of the banquet we all as guest are looking forward to is when we try out the delicious food they´ve prepared for us. That is why menus are not only an important part of the wedding décor but if they are nicely layout they can cause a sense of excitement amongst our guests. What will this delicious dessert be like?

This is one of the reasons why we have to take great care when choosing the design of the menu. The papers, colours, design, size, typography … all have to be taken into account.

Wedding menus with bright colourful flowers

Original and elegant wedding menus combined with table numbers

Wedding menus for a classic and elegant wedding in ivory

Modern and sophisticated wedding menu in brown and white

Spring colourful wedding menus

There is several choices. We can go for a design that matches our wedding invitation with small details such as laces, flowers, tassel … or we can choose a menu completely different that matches our wedding colours or theme (vintage, chic, rural..). Another idea we like is to have a wide variety of designs at each table so that it gives it a more personal touch.

Most menus are designed in such a way that guests can take them away as a fond memory of the day. There is also other possibilities like the menu we show here. It is very original as it combines the table number with the menu for all the guesta at the table to see.

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

Green wedding menus perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn

We have chosen some photos of the menus we like best. As you can gather they are all lovely and very delicate. You will probably find it difficult to choose only one !