Today we are carrying on with our selection of wedding invitations according to colours. We have chosen blue as the colour for both Summer and Winter weddings. Blue is elegant. It can be easily combined with other colours such as lilac and silver, and it inspires a sense of peace and harmony.

There are shades of blue for all tastes, from vibrant blues to the more delicate pastel blues.

If you prefer vibrant, stricking colours, have a look at the wedding invitation Golden Ginza from the Kyoto collection, you are sure to amaze your guests. For those of you that love turquoise the wedding invitations Babel (Extravaganza collection) are a good choice. There is also the wedding invitation Traviatta (Armonía collection) with designs inspired in the Italian Renaissance.

Elegant and classic wedding invitation in shades of blue

Wedding Invitation Lisboa (Celeste) - Metropolitan Collection

romantic wedding invitations with colourful blue flowers

Wedding invitations Traviatta and guest book Traviatta

Wedding invitations in pastel blue and gold

Wedding Invitation Babel Deluxe

Blues in pastel shades are always elegant and delicate. There is a wide range of wedding invitations in pastel shades such as Ayame and Blue Soho from the Kyoto collection, Petit Samoa (Pacífico collection), the charming Covent Garden Blue (Nature collection) and the always modern and chic wedding invitations Lisboa Celeste, Praga Blue (Metropolitan collection) and Shangai from the City Collection.

Elegant and sophisticated wedding invitation in shades of blue

Wedding Invitation Ayame - Kyoto Collection

Unique wedding invitation in lilac and ivory

Wedding Invitation Covent Garden (Blue) - Nature Collection

Elegant and sophisticated wedding invitation in blue and ivory

Wedding Invitation Petit Samoa - Pacífico Collection

Eco wedding invitation in blue with brown envelope

Wedding invitation Praga (Blue) - Metropolitan Collection