Wedding Invitation - Petit Florencia

Wedding Invitation - Petit Florencia

Why are wedding invitations so important?
When we tell people about our wedding we are not only announcing a celebration, but the beginning of two lifes in common therefore invitations are the reflection of this and they are extremely important as they give others an insight into what the wedding will be.
As a couple our wedding day is one of the most significant and special days in our lives, that is why it is important that our wedding invitation reflects and reminds us of that spirit. Regardless of what some people may think a wedding invitation is very important, as it holds and reflects a lot of information.

What does an invitation tell us?

  • When we receive a wedding invitation we get a first impression of the couples taste and style. It doesnt matter if it is a formal or informal wedding, the wedding invitations must achieve a first good impression.
  • They tell us something about how the great day will be. If we take care about the best menu and wine for the feast but we don´t give our guests a hint it will only surprise them, but with a well chosen invitation we will be creating an expectating atmosphere.
  • The invitation is a foretaste of what the wedding will be. If we choose a classical wedding, our invitation will probably be elegant and traditional, in whites and ivory. On the other hand a country wedding would have an old fashion and vintage appearance. We might even have a wedding Las Vegas style, with glitter and gold on its envelope. So the colours and style we choose tell us what the wedding is likely to be.
  • Sensitive spirits might include a poem or a phrase of their own making to wellcome everyone on that day. A wedding is a celebration and the invitation must show that we want that person to join in with us.

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  1. Wedding invitation is the most beautiful and an amazing part of the wedding. Because wedding invitation is the base of the wedding or it is a symbol of love and trust between the bride and groom.
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