It is great to feel the bride and groom have thought about you personally and that they have specifically thought of a place where you will feel comfortable at the table. Place cards also avoid unnecessary last minute hustle and misunderstandings.

Place cards are something very personal and they can be quite attractive, and enhance the wedding décor. There is a wide variety of possible designs and colours that will match the wedding theme and the couple´s personalities.

Place cards and wedding favours. Chopsticks by azulsahara.

Place cards and wedding favours all in one.

Autumn colour place cards in a wooden frame.

Place cards and wedding favours all in one. Original book markers

Place card for a wedding in ivory and red

To add to this there is also the possibility that the place card is in itself a wedding favor that guests can take away with them. The place card could be a little box of sweets with the guest´s name on it placed at the table, or a triangular design with a pair of chopsticks inside, or even a nice tag tied to a cinnamon stick. A nice one to bear in mind is a place card that can be used to mark the page in a book.

Modern Place cards for a wedding in ivory and red

Classic and sweet vintage place cards

Classic and sweet vintage favour boxes used as place cards

White napkins with silver place cards wrap around.

Place cards can simply be used to show guests where they should sit. They might be a wooden frame with the guest´s name, triangular designs in card in the same design and paper as the wedding invitation, place cards to go round napkins or original vintage decorated tags to hang from the glasses.

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